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Our process begins by working with you on the overall Intention of your event reviewing your goals and objectives from the perspective of each constituent. Your Leadership Your Attendees Your Presenters and Your Partners.


In this stage we create concepts around the experience of your event within each unique environment providing various options that match the feeling that will promote the highest level of idea exchange.


As our concepts become clear we then prepare detailed event budgets and select the Clarity team members that best fit with your event team and presenters. We pride ourselves in assembling a team of all stars whose abilities exceed the requirements of the event.


With Clarity’s extensive experience in hotel venues we execute the event in partnership with your event team. Our event execution is the cornerstone of Clarity’s approach. We create a highly professional yet low stress environment within the live event sessions which gives your event staff and presenters a high degree of confidence which transfers to the experience of the attendees.


Live events create a myriad of emotions that Clarity helps to balance and tap into to generate the most amazing experience for the attendees and company executives. As the event moves to completion we celebrate our success with the event team and allow for the sense of accomplishment and success to be celebrated.

The Power of Calm and Confidence

An event experience, good and bad, is determined the moment your presenters step up to the mic.

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