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We want to get to know you, your event, and goals. This will allow us to provide you with a well thought out AV quote that aligns with your event, goals, and budget. To get your AV quote started today, please fill out the form. You can also reach us by phone at 949-339-5229 or email at


Creating a memorable experience through AV is our aim for every event.


We bring our creativity to the table to help create an engaging experience.


We put the focus on you using AV equipment and our production team.



Audio can make or break your event, and we know the pain of bad audio (feedback, missed cues, etc.). At Clarity, we pride ourselves in putting the right team together to make your event go smoothly and create an experience every time. From small conferences to concert audio, we have the right equipment and team to make your event audio a success.


Lighting is a tool to be used to create emotion, draw attention, or stimulate a reaction from your audience. Every lighting color, movement, and program is meaningful and creates an impact.


Video is more than projectors and screens, it’s a gateway to the content being presented. Whether it’s being used for an engaging opener or your keynote’s presentation, we do what it takes to put your content on display.


Your event equipment is only as good as the content it’s displaying, this is why we offer creative content support on all of our events. Our team works with you and your presenters to elevate your content and make the most out of your AV spend.


Our team of designers come up with creative ways to differentiate your event, while staying within budget. They put together your event layout using LED walls, lighting, screens, custom stages, scenic, and just about anything else and create a visual rendering to bring your event to life.


While we focus predominantly on the AV aspect of your event, we understand sometimes our clients need a little help. As your AV partner, we do whatever it takes to make your event a success. Whether that’s helping you pick a venue, negotiating venue exclusives (power, rigging, high speed internet), or coming up with creative ideas for your event, we are a resource to you.

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