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The Social Psychology Of Experience

“Memories do not solely reside in a linear passage of time, linking past, present and future, nor do they solely rest within the individual’s consciousness, but that memory sits at the very heart of ‘lived experience’.” – sage

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 What Makes Clarity Different?

Our Focus on Audio Visual Services and Event Production

An Experiential AV Production Company

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Our experience tells us that attendee satisfaction is a key driver, which impacts customer satisfaction. An event is a single moment in time when a company’s brand is exposed to uncontrolled variables. Focusing on the experience protects the customer thus the brand.

Creative Audio Visual Experiences


Our customers spend a tremendous amount of capital in terms of both time and money. They step out into the spotlight to wow their attendees and attract them to their brand or purpose. As live event professionals it is our job to make these moments count creating lasting memories.

Meeting Planners


Focusing on planning and execution is an insurance policy for our direct customer the Event Planner. Given the technical aspects of AV an event planner has to rely on the provider‘s professionalism and ability to execute. This trust is not lost on us and its why we’ve got our planners “back”.

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